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Soccer is fun,competive game that is played all around the world. It's sometimes called "the beautiful game" because of its dazzling mixture of technical skill, team play and individual contribution. Soccer is a huge thing in my family and it's probably the most important thing in my family, besides each other. Soccer is like a tradition in my family because all of us have played and its a topic that many of us bond over. It all started with my grandpa and was passed down to my Dad and his siblings then to me and my couins. Even though many of us don't play anymore we still watch soccer EVERYDAY. It doesn't really matter who's playing because we will still watch it ,but we obvisouly have our favorite teams.

How To Play:The Basics

  • Dribbling the ball. Dribbling is controlling the ball while running. If you want to keep the ball in your team's possession, you're going to need to know hwo to dribble well.Dribbling is all about touching the bapp strong enough to carry it around the field ,but soft enough so that it stays at your feet.
  • Passing the ball. Passing is all putting the pass exactly where you want it so that it can help your team keep possession. In order to pass a soccer ball you should kick the ball using the inside of your foot. This will give it less power ,but more accuracy to where you want it to go or to reach your teammates.
  • Shooting the ball. If you're really close to the goal all you need to do in order to score is shoot the ball using the sweet spot that's on the inside of your foot, like a pass. Normally though, you're most likey to further out and if thats the case all you need to do is plant the foot that you dont kick with on the ground next to the ball and watch as the foot you are kicking with hit the middle of your shoe laces ,which will create your shot. The middle of your laces is where your source of power is when shootig.

  • The Positions

  • Forward: Forwards are the players on the team who play neartest to the opposing team's goal, and are therfore most responsible for scoring goals
  • Midfielder: Midfielders are generally positioned between their team's forwards and defenders. As a Midfielder you must be prepared to play mutiple roles because one mintue you are heliping put the forwards score, then the next mintue you are helipng the defenders stop the opposing team from scoreing ,but you can't forget to play your own position in the middle.
  • Defenders: Defensers are the players on the team who play nearest to their team's goal, ans are therefore responsible for stopping the opposing team from scoring.
  • Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper is the only player that's allowed to use their hands to stop the other team from scoring ,but they are only allowed to use their hands within the penalty box.

  • The Rules

  • Two opposing teams with 11 players on each team.
  • Goalies (goalkeeper) are the only players that can use their hands and only inside the 18-yard box.
  • Kick-off occurs at the center of the field to start the game and after a goal has been scored.
  • Offsides occurs when an offensive player is behind the defenders of the opposing team.
  • Free kicks are awarded when a team commits a foul.
  • When throwing in a ball make sure the ball goes all the way behind your head and make sure that both feet never leave the ground.

  • My Favorite Soccer Teams


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