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Baseball is one of America's most beloved and iconic sport.Baseball is probably the next big thing in my family aside from soccer. This was another sport that was influenced by Grandpa because without him we probably wouldn't be as into it. This is probably the sport that we mostly go to see in person and that we have jersey's for.

How To Play:The Basics

  • The Stance. In order to hit a baseball you have to stand with you legs spread apart and face to the side.To know which side of the plate to stand on you have to know if you are right handed or left handed.If you are right handed you would stand on the left side and if you are left handed you will stand on the right side.
  • Hold a bat. To hold a bat correctly you have to cradle the grip in the middle of your fingers instead of your palms.If you are right handed, grip the bat with your left fingers an inch or two above the very bottom.Then place your right fingers above your left.Then extend your arms in front of you like if you were swining. Make sure the palm of your left is facing downward and your right hand is facing up and also make sure that you have a secure gri.If you are left handed do the same steps just opposite hands.
  • Raise the bat. When rasing the bat keep your shoulders in a staright line pointed toward the pitcher, bend both elbows and draw your rear elbow up and back until it is level with your rear shoulder and pointing directly behind you.
  • Watch the ball. To watch the ball you should turn your head toward the pitcher over your front shoulder. Keep your hand still and straight,without cocking it to one side. Then you should focus with both eyes on the ball from the moment it leaves the pitcher's hand to the isntant you make contact with the ball.
  • You should also keep your front leg stable by bending you knee a little. You should also raise your back heel by standing standing on your back toes and shift your weight to the front leg so that you can get more power, but don't forget to swing with your hips.
  • Hitting the ball. As you bring your bat down from the starting position,aim to keep it parallel to the ground so that you hit the bat's sweet spot and make sure as you swing that you swing through the ball that way you add power to the hit.
  • Catching.The first step to catching a baseball is getting the right glove,one that isn't to big or too tight.The next step is position your body.To position your body you should have your knees bent slightly, your shoulders should be positioned toward the target and you should stand on the balls of your feet instead of falt-footed.Finally the last step is watching the ball so that way it can land in your glove. Don't forget to close you glove while it hits the palm of the glove or else it will fall out.

  • The Positions

  • Pitcher: The pitcher is the player who throws the baseball from the pitcher's mound toward the catcher to begin each play, with the intent of striking out the batters.
  • Catcher: The catcher crouches behind the home plate, infront of the umpire, and recives the ball from the pitcher as they try to strikeout the batters.Since the catcher gets a whole view of the field they usally help the pitchers call plays using hand signals.
  • First Baseman: The first baseman is the player who is nearest first base. They are responsible for fielding ground balls in their vicnity and also for catching throws from other infielders to force a runner out at first base.
  • Second Baseman:Is a fielding position located between first and second base. Second baseman usally possess quick hands and feet to reach balls that can be hit right or left.
  • Third Baseman: Third Basemen are responsible for fielding ground balls, line dives and pop flies in the general vicinity of the third-base bag.
  • Shortstop:The Shortstop positions himself between the third baseman and the second baseman. They are also considered the captin of the infield and takes charge on the balls thar are hit in the air as well as communication among infielders.
  • Left fielder:A left fielder is an outfielder who plays defense in the left field. Left-field is the area of the outfield to the left of a person standing at home plate and facing towards the pitcher's mound.
  • Right fielder:A outfielder is an outfielder who plays defense on the right side of the field. Right field is the area of the outfield to the right of a person standing at home plate and facing towards the pitcher's mound.

  • The Rules

  • There are 2 teams of nine.
  • There are nine innings per game in baseball and extra innings are played until someone wins.
  • During each innings each team gets a turn at bat.
  • During each turn at bat the team keeps batting until 3 outs.
  • 3 strikes and the batter is out
  • If the ball is caught the batter is out
  • If the batter succesfully hits the ball and reaches a base it is called a hit.All runners on base can advance.
  • If the runner is tagged with the ball while running to the bases they are out.
  • A run is scored for each player who safely crosses home plate.
  • The team that scores the most runs wins.

  • My Favorite Baseball Team


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