Blueberry's favorite thing to do is play. Like I said she is super energetic which means she loves to play 24/7. No matter the time of day she will find a way to get you to play with her. We can play tug-a-war, the classic fetch and tag. When I play with Blue we mostly play tag and how we play is Blue is "It" and my goal is for her not touch or jump on top of me. Its like a workout for the both us because she is super duper fast so it makes me be on my toes.This helps with my reflexes for soccer while she gets to run around letting out all of her energy. Which I realised that her energy never seems to end because we could play for hours.


Mamas favorite things to do are sleep and watch TV. I know its werid ,but she really does watch TV. Mamas will wtach anything that's on TV ,but she has her favorites. Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo and her favorite TV show is Spongebob. As you can see Mamas is really into cartoons ,which is why we always leave the TV on for her on either Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. If Mamas isn't watching TV she is Sleeping. She likes to sleep on my sister's bed,in the blanket closet, in her bed, and anywhere my sister is. If she falls asleep on you then consider your self stuck for the next couple hours because you're not going to want to move her once you see how comfortable she is. This happens to my sister alot and everytime my sister will be stuck in the same spot for hours or until she can't take it anymore ,but even then it's still a couple of hours.


Sadie's favorite thing to do is relax. It's not surprising to me that Sadie's favorite thing to do is relax because she is a very calm and old dog, but when sadie is relaxing she is either sleeping or just laying down. Whenever I see her at my Dad's work she is always laying down waiting for someone to come up and give her a belly rub. From all the pictures that I see and all the stories I hear Sadie is always laying down in bed or on the couch and if she isn't laying down then she is probably outside getting some nice fresh air.Since I didn't get to meet Sadie in her prime years I can only assume that she did these exact same things only she probably was more livly.

Them Doing Their Favorite Things!

When We First Met!

When I First met Blueberry it was on May 5th of this year. My first thoughts when meeting her was "OH MY GOSH" she is a big dog there's no way she can still barley be a puppy.Before coming they did tell me that she was super energetic because she gets excited when meeting new people,but I didn't think that she could that bad.But oh boy was I wrong. She was so excited that I thought she was on a sugar rush. She kept wanting to jump on top of me as well as trying to lick my face.Which she did do! Eventually we finally got her to calm down, but even then she would not stop wagging her tail. A lesson that I learned that day was not to wear white shoes around her.

When I First met Mamas it was on October 2nd of 2016 right after my soccer game. When I met her I was only 11 years old ,but I knew that she was going to become a special part of our lives. I was over the moon when I first laid eyes on her becasuse she was so cute. She was like a newborn baby because of how tiny and fragile she was. Eventually after I calmed down a little and she was comfortable enough to be around me I got to pick her up. She was so tiny that she barely fit in my hands. I love her very much not just because she apart of my family ,but because she's been there for my sister through all of her up's and down's and I know that she will continue to do so until her time is up.

When I first met Sadie it was also on October 2nd ,but of 2019. I met Sadie at my Dad's job and man oh man was she the sweetest thing. Since i've been around lots of dogs before my first thoughts were "why is she quiet?" I knew that she wasn't going to hurt me because Sadie just didn't seem like that type of dog ,but it was really weird that she had not barked once at me. Sadie is so sweet that I have not heard ever bark once in the 2 years that I have known her.Well besides when we ask her to. Sadie is one of the greatest dogs in the world and i'm glad that I get to know her. We even have a joke that "I'm her best friend" which isn't really a joke anymore because we are.

Here are some pictures of when we first met: