What Does Blueberry Love?

Blueberry loves many thngs and one of those being Food.She loves to eat and her favorite food is watermelon. The second thing she loves is toys because she loves to play. Blueberry is also very fond of people because she gets super exccited when she meets someone new. The fourth thing she loves is going for walks and we even have to refer the word walk as the "W" word because she gets super excited. Finally the last thing she loves is taking up all the space. You can litteraly be on the couch sitting and she will come and lay right on top of you, when there is more space on the other side.

What Does Mamas Love?

Mamas loves many things,but I think the thing she loves most in the world is my sister. Mamas loves having her own time where she can be alone and get to relax.She loves sunbathing and we always have to open all the blinds in the house just so she can have the sunlight hit her no matter where is in. Another thing she loves is getting her fur brushed because for some reason it soothes her and she likes being clean.She also loves when we baby her because it makes her feel like the queen of the house. she knows that when we baby her she is either getting a gift, treats and some nice compliments.

What Does Sadie Love?

Like I said Sadie is a beagle mix which makes her favorite thing to do is sniff,she is a very curious dog.As much as Sadie loves her treats she also loves to hide them around her house.She loves to hide her treats inbetween the couch cusions, under her bed and in her Mom's bed.She loves belly rubs and whenever she lays down in front of you thats what she will be expecting.She also loves going on walks because it gives her the chance to sniff everything and also because she likes the fresh air. Lastly, she loves sleeping. She loves sleeping because she is an older dog and so she is getting slower, but even before that she loved getting comfy in her bed.

The cutest thing that they do is whey they are sleeping because they just look so peaceful.

The End

hope you enjoyed learning about Blue,Sadie and Mamas as much as I did.They really are the sweetest animals ever and im glad that they are all apart of my life. I can't waint to spend more time with them and take so many more pictures.They really make me feel like I had a pet of ny own.