The Things They Hate!

Even though these aniamls have lots of things that they love they still have many things that they hate.Afterall they have the right to hate stuff just like we do. So if you continue reading you will all the things that they are not the biggest fans of.

What Does Blueberry Hate?

Blue hates lots of things. The first thing she hates is being alone because then she starts crying whenever we leave even if we are just in the other rooms.The Second thing she hates is Jocelyn's Cat Leo.Im not really sure why they don't get along when she gets alone with the other cats in North Carolina.The third thing she hates is sharing because she wants everything to be hers. The fourth thing she hates is the cone that she had to wear after surgery and finally the last thing she hates is getting in trouble because then she can't have any more fun.

What Does Mamas Hate?

The first thing Mamas hates is other animals.We have lots of cats around my sister's neighborhood and they always come to the pourch to hangout with her,but all she does is glare and hiss at them.The second thing she hates is going in cars because she gets really car sick.The third thing she hates is the vacuumn or loud noises because they scare her and its even louder for her ears than it is for us.The fourth thing she hates having collars or any cat clothing.My sister always buys her these cute collars and cute shirts ,but Mamas hates them so much that she makes holes in them or rips them in half. Like I said Mamas hates a lot of things,but the biggest thing that will drive her crazy because she hates it so much is being touched too much. Mamas likes to be independent and if you mess with her too much she will scratch you.

What Does Sadie Hate?

The first thing Sadie hates is traveling on plane because she gets motion sickness,but she will travel by car.The second thing she hates is cuddling because she does not like havung to share her bed. The Third thing she hates is being at home alone or being away from her Human Mom because she gets lonely and sad.The fourth thing she hates are loud sounds because they hurt her ears and the last thing she hates is baths because for some odd reason most dogs hate baths.